Uganda (Second Level) 2010/11

Big League:

Elgon Group | Rwenzori Group | Promotion Playoff

Elgon Group

Table: [May 21]

 1.Busia-Hoima                              14                31  Promoted

{Mar 10]
Mbale Heroes            2-2 Hoima-Busie
   [Ramos Kana 1-1, Edward Waboka 2-1 - Hussein Osenya 0-1, ? [pen] 2-2]

[Apr 10]
Hoima-Busia             2-1 Misindye

[Apr 20]
Entebbe Young v Heroes
Misindye v JMC Hippos
Hoima-Busia v Kase
Jinja Arsenal v Bul Bidco

[Apr 27]
Hoima-Busia             -   Bul Bidco

[May 1]
Kase FC                 w/o JMC Hippos          [Kase have been awarded three points after Hippos no show]

[May 16]
Busia-Hoima             1-2 Jinja Arsenal
   [Ibra Kazindula 1-2]
Iganga MC FC            0-1 Mbale Heroes
   [Edmond Wamboka]

[May 19]
Bul Bidco               2-0 Mbale Heroes
   [Ali Maganda 68, William Odetta 76]
Iganga MC FC            2-1 Kase FC
   [Bruhani Matovu (2)]

Rwenzori Group

Table: [May 21]


Table: [Dec 1]
1.Hoima         12 points
2.Bidco         11 points

Round 1
[Oct 21]
Arsenal                 0-1 JMC Hippos
   [Dennis Munambi 56]
Bidco                   1-1 Entebbe Young

Round 2
[Oct 27]
JMC Hippos              -   Hoima FC

Entebbe Young           1-3 JMC Hippos

[Nov 10]
JMC Hippos              1-0 Iganga TC
   [Lawrence Kasadha 82]
Bul Bidco 2 Kase FC 0
Ebb Young v Arsenal Njeru

[Nov 15]
Iganga v Bul Bidco
Hippos v Mbale Heroes
Hoima v Entebbe Young
Kase v Misindye FC

[Nov 17]
Hoima                   2-1 Entebbe Young
   [Patrick Wafula, Edmond Mulayi - Kenneth Tumusiime]
JMC Hippos              0-0 Mbale Heroes
Iganga TC               0-1 Bul Bidco
(Match abandoned; 83rd)

[Nov 24]
Arsenal v Iganga TC
Bul Bidco               2-0 JMC Hippos

[Dec 1]
JMC Hippos v Kase
Bul Bidco v Arsenal Njeru

[Dec 19]
CRO FC                  -   Hoima Central Market    [Hoima no show]

[Jan 9]
Boroboro                0-0 Bishop Nankyama

[Jan 16]
CRO v Bish. Nankyama (not played)                   [Bishop no show]

[Feb 6]
Boroboro                2-1 Maji

[Feb 10]
Mbale Heroes            2-2 Hoima
   [Ramos Kana 1-1, Edward Waboka 2-1 - Hussein Osenya 0-1, ? 2-2 [pen]]

[Apr 15]
CRO                     -   Jogoo Young             [Jogoo Young no show]

Promotion Playoff

First Leg-1st Round play off
[May 29]
Iganga                  5-0 Boroboro
CRO FC                  2-0 Bul Bidco

Second Leg-1st Round play off
[Jun 7]
Boroboro were leading 5-0 when two of Iganga’s players were sent off.

The winner, in this case Iganga, after Boroboro opted out of the rearranged
fixture citing an infringement on rules, had to contend with Bidco.

[Jul 10]
Iganga                  0-1 Bul Bidco               [aet]
   [Ali Madanda]

Uganda Big league trophy

[Jun 10]
Maji FC                 5-2 Hioma- Busia FC
   [Julius Engude (3), Patrick Ssenfuka [pen], Innocent Alimadri - Isa Baraza, Patrick Wafula [pen]]

Busia and Maji have qualified to join the super league next year.
third team from the play off between Bul Bidco and Boroboro FC.


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