Liberia Cups 2011/12

Liberia FA Cup 2012

Round 2
[Apr 17]
Al Pro                     -   Monrovia Club Breweries
Barrack Young Controllers  1-1 Gedeh Ambassador           [4-3 pen]
Green Pasture              4-2 Zelor
Invisible Eleven           -   Roza
Jubilee FC                 abd UMC Roots                  [abandoned at half time, with Jubilee in the lead 1-0]
LISCR FC                   2-0 ELWA United
Millennium                 -   Watanga
Monrovia Club Breweries    3-0 Alo FC
Zelor                      -   Green Pasture
[Apr 19]
Aries FC                   -   Small Town
Dupa FC                    -   Reeves FC
FC Monrovia                -   Gardnersville Juniors
FC Satellite               -   Future Leaders FC
Forfeiture                 -   Gardnersville Seniors
IBS                        -   FC Fassell
[Apr 20]
NPA Anchors                -   winner from group 36
winner of groups 37        -   winner from group 38
[Apr 22]
NPA takes on BYC
Watanga meets M.C. Breweries.

Round 3
[Apr 24] [?}
M.B. Engel                 -   Sime Darby
Mighty Electron            -   LPRC Oilers
[Apr 25]
LISCR FC                   0-0 Barrack Young Controllers  [4-5 pens]
NPA Anchors                1-0 Invisible Eleven
[Apr 26]
Junior Gardnersville       -   Gardnersville Seniors
Nimba United               -   BYC II

Quarter Final
Mighty Blue Angels         -   Mighty Electron
BYC II                     -   Gardnersville Seniors
Small Town                 -   International Black Star
BYC                        -   Watanga

[Sep 25]
Watanga FC                 4-1 Small Town FC
   [Hanson Harmon 9, 86, Nuwo Johnson 62, Sporo Sonah 88; Lawrence Paigar 23]
BYC II FC                  2-0 Mighty Blue Angels
   [George Dauda 23, Junior Barshall 51]

[Oct 7]
BYC II FC                  1-0 Watanga FC
   [Ezekiel Doe 49]

NB: BYC II FC are the reserve side of Barrack Young Controllers who finished
    fourth at the top level

Peace, Unity Tournament 2012
at Duahson in Margibi County

He named the participating communities as: Duahson, Gbengar Town, Yellow Building, Kpankpahcon and Transit.
Others are: R-2, Doemah Town, Zorkpeh Town, Scheffelin Town, Bens Town and Sand Beach.

The tournament, which kicked off on Sunday, June 3, 2012, at the Duahson Sports Pitch.

Aries Friendship Tournament 2012
at Antoinette Tubman Stadium (ATS) in Monrovia, December, 26-30, 2012

[Dec 26]
LPRC Oilers             3-0 Watanga FC
LISCR FC                4-0 Invincible Eleven
[Dec 27]
Nimba United            -   Senior Pros
Aries FC                -   Minnesota FC  (Usa)
BYC                     -   Liberia Diaspora International FC (Usa)

Liberia County Cup 2011/12
host county: Montserrado

Group A


[Dec 4]
Bomi                    0-2 Montserrado
Grand Cape Mount        0-2 Gbapolu

Group B [in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County]
Grand Gedeh, Maryland, River Gee and Grand Kru

Table:         Pts
1.Grand Gedeh    9
2.Grand Kru      4

[Dec 3]
Grand Gedeh             2-1 Grand Kru
   [Liberty Joloe 63,85 - Phil Karnwee 19]
[Dec 4]
River Gee               1-1 Maryland

Group C [in Lower Buchanan, Grand Bassa County]
Grand Bassa and Rivercess counties

[Dec 3]
Grand Bassa             0-0 Margibi
[Dec 6]
Sinoe                   -   Riverress
Margibi                 4-0 Rivercess

Table:          GD  Pts
1.Margibi        4    5
2.Grand Bassa    3    5

Group D [in Gbarnga, Bong County]
Bong, Lofa and Nimba counties

[Dec 4}
Bong                    0-1 Nimba
[Dec 7}
Bong                    1-0 Lofa
Nimba                   -   Lofa

Table:         Pts
1.Nimba County   9

Quarter Final
[Dec 28]
Bong                    2-0 Montserrado
Grand Bassa             2-1 Grand Gedeh
Margibi                 3-2 Grand Kru
Nimba County            1-0 Bomi

Semi Final
[Jan 4]
Nimba County            2-0 Grand Bassa
Bong                    lt  Margibi

Third Place
Grand Bassa             0-0 Bong                    [3-4 pen]

[Jan 8]
Nimba County            0-2 Margibi

New Yearís Day Match 2012

Final [in Firestone, Margibi County]
[Jan 1]
Du-Side Old Timers      2-0 Richmond FC
   [B. Bartu Sawiea Sr 15, 2-0]

Presidentís Cup 2011

First Round
[Nov 27]
LPRC Oilers             2-0 Mighty Electron
Monrovia Breweries      1-0 Green Pasture
[Nov 28]
BYC                     -   Small Town
Gardnesville FC         1-3 LISCR FC

Second Round
Aries FC                1-3 LISCR FC
Club Beer               1-2 LPRC Oilers

Semi Final
FC Fassell              2-2 LPRC Oilers             [2-4 pen]
LISCR FC                3-1 Mighty Barrolle

Final [at Antoinette Tubman Stadium (ATS), Monrovia]
[Dec 6]
LPRC Oilers             1-0 LISCR FC
   [Joshua Morris]

female competition:
Earth Angels-Winners

FC Fassell Peace Tournament 2011

Group A
[Nov 2]
FC Fassell                 -   Invisible Eleven
[Nov 3]
Invisible Eleven           -   Watanga
[Nov 4]
Watanga                    -   FC Fassell

1.Invisible Eleven
3.FC Fassell

Group B
[Nov 2]
Gardnersville              -   Monrovia Club Breweries
[Nov 3]
Monrovia Club Breweries    -   Barrack Young Controllers
[Nov 4]
Barrack Young Controllers  -   Gardnersville

1.Barrack Young Controllers
2.Monrovia Club Breweries

Third Place
[Nov 6]
Monrovia Club Breweries    1-0 Watanga

Final [at Antoinette Tubman Stadium, Monrovia]
[Nov 6]
Barrack Young Controllers  5-0 Invisible Eleven

Super Cup 2011
LISCR FC                   2-1 Invisible Eleven

Super (Women's) Cup 2011
Earth Angels               w/o Pro Anchor               [Pro Anchor no show]


list of champions

list of cup winners

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