Liberia Cups 2010

LISCR Trust and Peace Charity Tournament 2010
at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium, Monrovia

First Round
[May 6]
Alliance                1-2 FC Fassel
   [- Wilmot Davis]
Monrovia Black Star     3-2 Green Pastures
   [Swengbue Kennedy 62,70 Mekee Freeman 66 - David Wah 19, Seh Johnson 27]
[May 7]
Jasmine Rangers         1-2 Invincible Eleven
   [Freeman Mulbah 17 [pen] - Emmanuel Willie 21, Robert Freeman 89]
   [Sent Off: Melvin Gaye, Jonathan Ramble [both JR] - Trokon Zeon [IE]]
Mighty Blue Angels      3-3 Monrovia Breweries      [4-3 on pens]
   [- Marcus Macauley (2)]
[May 8]
Gardnersville           3-2 Barrack Young Controllers
   [Dopoe Wisseh (2), Sam Jadoe - ?]
   [Sent Off: Matthew Dede [BYC]]
Tony FC                 1-2 Watanga
   [- Abraham Kweateh (2)]
[May 9]
LISCR                   2-0 Vinton Pro
   [Mohamed Varney, ?]
Young Survivors         1-1 Aries                   [Aries won on pens]

Quarter Final
[May 11]
FC Fassell              lt  Monrovia Black Star
Invincible Eleven       bt  Mighty Blue Angels
Gardnersville           lt  Watanga
LISCR                   lt  Aries

Semi Final
[May 13]
Aries                   2-1 Watanga
   [Tamba Gbollie, Kpah Sherman - Dinkir Glay]
Invincible Eleven       1-2 Monrovia Black Star
   [Joseph Hina 1-1 [pen] - Swengbue Kennedy 25, James Koko Lomell 58]
   [Sent Off: James Desmled [MBS]]
   [miss pen: Joseph Hina [IE]]

Third Place
[May 16]
Invincible Eleven       2-2 Watanga                 [4-2 on pens]

[May 16]
Aries                   4-3 Monrovia Black Star
   [Visidu Logan 27,37 Tamba Gbollie 30, Emmett Dillon 80 - James Soto Roberts 4, Sengbeh Kennedy 34, Meekie Freeman 75]

Peace and Unity Tournament 2010

First Round
[Mar 28]
Banjor                  -   Cholate City
Bench                   -   New Georgia Old Timers
BOTFA                   -   Silpway or Crown Hill
HOTFA                   -   Caucus
Junior Old Timers       -   King Peter's Town
Logan Town              -   Jacob Town
Shoe Factory            -   Snow Hill

Peace and Reconciliation Tournament 2010

Final [at Lower Johnsonville Soccer Pitch]
[Mar 21]
Green Eagle             3-2 Johnsonville Old Timers

Unity Fest tournament 2010 [best of three matches]

Invincible Eleven       drw Mighty Barrolle
[Dec 29]
Mighty Barrolle         1-0 Invincible Eleven
[Jan 5]
Invincible Eleven       -   Mighty Barrolle

Eight-county reconciliation and peace tournament 2010

[May 26]
Grand Gedeh                2-1 Grand Bassa

LNP Peace and Unity Tournament 2010
at the Kakata Sports Stadium

[Nov 3]
Bassa Community            bt  ?


list of cup winners

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