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    The Introduction Page of the Soccerking

    Since October 2003, we have been making league tables and all other kind of statistical information on football and its history, which we have been collecting for years, available through this archive - first announced on Soccerking Archive.

    The Soccerking Archive was founded in October 2003, and Ian King. is the current maintainer of the Soccerking Archive.

    In April 2014, the Archive was redesign into it's current design thanks to my friend Camy Maertens who change the design from HTML to PHP.

    Our major goal is collecting all kind of statistics, in particular league tables from all over the world, on football, and making this information available to those sharing our interest. Moreover, those statistics should be as reliable as possible, which means that our ultimate goal is to have correspondents from (and better yet in) the countries involved.

    New members are therefore in principle welcome if:

    If you have more detailed data on competitions which are already covered, we may be interested in co-operation; likewise if you have data which cannot immediately be classified as results or tables, subject to the discretion of the Board.

    If you are interested in becoming a member, please follow the following procedure:

    Your application will then be dealt with by the Board at its earliest convenience.

    We welcome all comments on the tables in the archive - be it on spelling of club names, additional information, or simply corrections; please direct them to Ian King.

    There are extensive profiles of some of the Soccerking Members.

    The Soccerking Board currently consists of Ian King (President), Camy Maertens (Vice-President).

    All current Soccerking Members, in alphabetical order, together with their e-mail addresses and topics on which they admit a measure of specialization:

    For any question on football statistics, feel free to select the "closest" specialist from the above list and send an e-mail (please replace ' at ' by @).

    RSSSF Brazil
    RSSSF Norway
    RSSSF Albania
    RSSSF Poland
    RSSSF Romania

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